Department of Mathematics

Faculty Members


Dr. Priya Dev Goswami, M. Sc., Ph. D.

Associate Professor
email:    phone: 9435473872
Date of Joining: 1st April, 1988
Area of Interest: Numerical Analysis
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Mr. Dilip Kumar Borborah, M. Sc.

Associate Professor
email:    phone: 9435640709
Date of Joining: 11th September, 1989
Area of Interest: Differential Equation
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Dr. Devanjan Hazarika, M.Sc.( Univ. of Delhi), Ph. D.(AU, Sil.)

Associate Professor
email:    phone: 9401111331
Date of Joining: 25th October, 1995
Area of Interest: Analysis and Topology. Fuzzy Algebra
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Dr. Ananta Kumar Dutta., M.Sc. & Ph. D.

Associate Professor & Head of the Department.
email:    phone: 9435330419
Date of Joining: 1st October, 1997
Area of Interest: Abstract Algebra
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Mr. Amitav Doley, MA

Assistant Professor
email:    phone: 9707600196
Date of Joining: 2nd January, 2015
Area of Interest: Analysis
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Other Staff Members

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