Notice Board

File Title Date
H.S. 2nd Year (Arts & Science) Selection Test Examination 2019 ROUTINENEW09/09/2019
Grouping and time table for the practical classes of HS 1st Yr./HS 2nd Yr./TDC 1st, 3rd & 5th semester 2019-20NEW09/09/2019
Notice regarding students of B.A./B.Sc. 1st semester (CBCS course)NEW06/09/2019
Notice regarding Oath taking ceremony of DHSK College Students Union Society for the session 2019-20NEW02/09/2019
Students Union Society Election Result for the session 2019-20NEW31/08/2019
Notice regarding Non Formal Sanskrit Education ClassesNEW29/08/2019
Election PrincipleNEW28/08/2019
Notice regarding Students\' Union Society Election 2019-20NEW28/08/2019
Notice regarding BCA 3rd Semester AdmissionNEW27/08/2019
Exhibition 2019 CommitteeNEW26/08/2019
Exhibition 2019NEW22/08/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW22/08/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW19/08/2019
Notice regarding Students\' Union Society Election-2019-20NEW16/08/2019
Notice regarding Identity card issue (Both TDC & HS) Session 2019-20NEW16/08/2019
Notice regarding HS 1st year (both Arts & Science) Registration Session 2019-20NEW14/08/2019
Notice regarding a State Level Workshop on Research Opportunity with International Collaboration in Higher Education Institution of AssamNEW13/08/2019
Notice regarding B.A./B.Sc. 1st Semester (CBCS Course) Online RegistrationNEW13/08/2019
Notice regarding class cancellationNEW13/08/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW10/08/2019
Notice regarding essay competitionNEW09/08/2019
Notice regarding MA (English) 2nd & 4th semester betterment/compartmental exam form fillupNEW07/08/2019
Placement NoticeNEW05/08/2019
Notice regarding Free Course with Assured PlacementNEW05/08/2019
Admission Notice and Merit list of M.A. 1st semester (English) for the session 2019-20NEW03/08/2019
Notice regarding a meeting of 3rd grade & 4th grade staffNEW30/07/2019
Routine and allotment of rooms etc. for 1st Sessional Test (Odd Semester) Examination 2019NEW29/07/2019
Admission Notice and Merit list of M.A. 1st semester (English) for the session 2019-20NEW27/07/2019
NIQ for Laboratory EquipmentsNEW20/07/2019
Notice regarding 6th International Kurukshetra Open Fide Rated Chess Tournament 2019NEW19/07/2019
Result of BA 6th Semester 2019NEW16/07/2019
Result of B.Sc. 6th Semester 2019NEW16/07/2019
Result of B.A. 4th Semester 2019NEW16/07/2019
Result of B.Sc. 4th Semester 2019NEW16/07/2019
1st/2nd Sessional Examination:HS Classes (Arts & Science)11/07/2019
Admission Notice MA (English) 1st Sem Session 2019-20NEW10/07/2019
Notification regarding the opting of Generic Elective Courses by the Students B.A, B.Sc & B.Com Programmes in the CBCSNEW10/07/2019
Grishmakalin (Summer) Festival 2019 at DHSK CollegeNEW09/07/2019
Notice regarding old boarders of Boys\' and Girls\' Hostel for the session 2019-20NEW04/07/2019
Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Government Film and Television Institute Admission NoticeNEW25/06/2019
Notice regarding H.S. 1st year (Arts & Science) and B.A./B.Sc. 1st SemesterNEW17/06/2019
Academic Activities of H.S. 1st year and H.S. 2nd year students for the session 2019-2020NEW17/06/2019
CLASS ROUTINE (DAY SHIFT): DHSK COLLEGE, DIBRUGARH with effect from 17.06.2019NEW15/06/2019
Notice regarding mobile phone usesNEW10/06/2019
Format of Percentage of Attendance for BPL Category StudentsNEW10/06/2019
Notice regarding the Text Books of Mathematics for B.A./B.Sc. 1st SemesterNEW08/06/2019
Notice regarding Regular classes of 1st Semester B.A./B.Sc. Courses and BCANEW07/06/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW04/06/2019
Notice regarding Admission of BPL category students into HS II, 3rd and 5th SemestersNEW03/06/2019
Selection list for admission of B.A. 1st Semester for the session 2019-20NEW03/06/2019
Selection list for admission of B.Sc. 1st Semester for the session 2019-20NEW02/06/2019
Notice regarding Counseling Programme of newly admitted students of H.S. 1st year (both Arts & Science)NEW01/06/2019
Notice regarding fee waive facility to the students of BPL CategoryNEW31/05/2019
BPL Declaration FormNEW30/05/2019
Selection list for admission of HS 1st year (ARTS) 2019-20NEW27/05/2019
Selection list for admission of HS 1st year (SCIENCE) 2019-20NEW27/05/2019
Notice for CorrigendumNEW24/05/2019
Notice regarding cultural Programme (Ex Kanoian)NEW23/05/2019
Admission Notice for B.A./B.Sc. 3rd & 5th Semester for the session 2019-20NEW23/05/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW17/05/2019
B.A./B.Sc. 1st Semester & H.S. 1st Yr. (Arts & Sc.) Modified Admission Notice : Session 2019-20 which nullify earlier notice dt. 16.05.2019NEW17/05/2019
Notice regarding 1st Sessional Test Examination 2019 of HS 2nd Year ClassesNEW08/05/2019
Notice regarding class cancellationNEW02/05/2019
A One-week Faculty Development Programme on Behavioral Remodeling and use of ICT Tools for Classroom Delivery of Teachers (01 - 06 July, 2019). (Registration closed)02/05/2019
Notice regarding HolidayNEW30/04/2019
Notice regarding Viva in the department of HistoryNEW25/04/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW10/04/2019
Practical Routine (H.S. 1st Year Annual Examination, 2019)NEW05/04/2019
Notice regarding sessional examination of the 2nd semester studentsNEW30/03/2019
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd year classes for the academic session 2019-20NEW27/03/2019
Notice regarding one day Integrated Education Campaign for Road Safety and Extempore Speech CompetitionNEW23/03/2019
Required information for payment of UGC arrear w.e.f. 01.01.2006 to 30.06.2007NEW20/03/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW20/03/2019
Notice regarding issue of Admit Cards of H.S. 1st year Examination 2019NEW15/03/2019
Notice regarding Examination form fill up, 2019 (BA/B.Sc 2nd, 4th and 6th semester)NEW08/03/2019
Notice regarding installation of CC TV cameraNEW28/02/2019
Notice regarding class cancellationNEW21/02/2019
Notice regarding Income TaxNEW21/02/2019
Guidelines for Selection of Assistant Professor/Librarians in Provincialized Colleges of Assam (Govt. O.M. No. AHE.407/2017/44 dt. 08.11.2018)NEW18/02/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW18/02/2019
Notice regarding BCA 2nd semester admissionNEW14/02/2019
1st Sessional Examination, 2019 Routine (2nd, 4th and 6th semester)NEW14/02/2019
Notice regarding issue of marksheet (1st, 3rd and 5th semester)NEW14/02/2019
Notice regarding class cancellationNEW11/02/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW30/01/2019
Notice regarding 70th Republic DayNEW25/01/2019
Notice regarding meeting of HS teachersNEW23/01/2019
Notice regarding H.S. Final Examination 2019 Practical RoutineNEW12/01/2019
Centre Committee meeting (H.S. Final Examination 2019)NEW12/01/2019
Notice regarding Income Tax deductionNEW11/01/2019
Notice regarding issue of Admit Card of H.S. Final Examination 2019NEW11/01/2019
Notice regarding general meetingNEW09/01/2019
Centre Committee for conduct of the H.S. Final Examination, 2019NEW05/01/2019
Notice regarding general meetingNEW05/01/2019
Notice regarding holidayNEW24/12/2018
Admission Notice B.A./B.Sc. 2nd & 4th SemesterNEW15/12/2018
6th North East Graduate Congress 2019NEW11/12/2018
Routine for 2nd Unit Test Exam., 2018 H.S. 1st year (Arts & Science)NEW07/12/2018
1st semester Zoology (General) Practical Examination 2018NEW03/12/2018
Notice regarding filling up of forms to appear in HS 1st yr Annual Examination 2019NEW27/11/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation of H.S 1st year (both Arts & Science)NEW21/11/2018
Computer Science Practical Examination 2018 Routine BA/B.Sc 1st SemesterNEW21/11/2018
Notice regarding IPSNEW20/11/2018
Notice regarding \"World AIDS Day\"NEW19/11/2018
Winter Festival 2018 for H.S. ClassesNEW12/11/2018
Class Routine for Environmental Studies of H.S. 1st year (Arts & Science) w.e.f. 1.11.2018 NEW30/10/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW22/10/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW12/10/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd Year (both Arts & Science) Final Examination, 2019 Form fill upNEW08/10/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd Year (both Arts & Science) Final Examination, 2019 Form fill upNEW06/10/2018
Guidelines for The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, DHSK College, DibrugarhNEW04/10/2018
H.S 2ND YEAR TEST RESULT 2018NEW04/10/2018
H.S 2ND YEAR TEST RESULT 2018 - 2ND PAGE04/10/2018
Notice regarding IPSNEW01/10/2018
Routine for the 2nd sessional Examination, 2018NEW29/09/2018
Notice Inviting QuotationNEW29/09/2018
General NoticeNEW15/09/2018
Admission Notice of M.A (English) 3rd semesterNEW12/09/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW10/09/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd year final examination 2019 form fill upNEW04/09/2018
Result of the Students\' Union Society Election 2018-19NEW01/09/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW30/08/2018
Notice regarding Students\' Union Society Election for the session 2018-19 NEW28/08/2018
Notice regarding Online Admission into Degree Courses under K. K. H. State Open UniversityNEW23/08/2018
Notice regarding Students Excursion under the scheme \"Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat\"NEW23/08/2018
Notice regarding Students\' Union Society Election for the session 2018-19 NEW21/08/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW21/08/2018
Notice regarding B.A./B.Sc. 1st Semester Registration (session 2018-19)NEW20/08/2018
One day Orientation Workshop on SWAYAM and MOOCs, 2018NEW20/08/2018
Notice regarding Students\' Union Society Election for the session 2018-19 NEW20/08/2018
Students\' Union Society Election 2018-19 Nomination Scrutiny ResultNEW20/08/2018
Notice regarding Students\' Union Society Election, 2018NEW18/08/2018
Notice regarding Betterment/Compartmental form fill up for 2nd & 4th Semester M.A. examination, 2018NEW18/08/2018
General noticeNEW16/08/2018
Notice regarding Registration numbers etc. of the Vehicles (four/two wheelers etc.)NEW16/08/2018
Notice regarding Independence Day, 2018 NEW13/08/2018
Admission Notice M.A. in English 2018-19NEW09/08/2018
Summer Festival Programme ScheduleNEW11/07/2018
Notice regarding the students of H.S. 2nd year (Arts & Science) for the session 2018-19NEW04/07/2018
Admission Notice B.A. & B.Sc. 5th Semester (session 2018-19)NEW03/07/2018
Notice regarding BPL Students (session 2018-19 )NEW03/07/2018
Notice regarding refund of BPL admission fee for the session 2017-18NEW02/07/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation NEW29/06/2018
Notice regarding Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI)NEW27/06/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 1st year 1st Merit Test, 2018NEW26/06/2018
Notice regarding 1 year Diploma course in Aviation and Hospitality ManagementNEW26/06/2018
Notice regarding mobile phone usesNEW22/06/2018
Class Routine for H.S. & TDC classes w.e.f. 20.06.2018NEW20/06/2018
BCA 1st semester Class Routine w.e.f. 20.06.2018NEW19/06/2018
H.S. 2nd year (Arts & Science) 1st Unit Test Examination 2018 (ROUTINE)NEW19/06/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW14/06/2018
Merit cum Reserve list B.A. 1st Semester 2018-19NEW14/06/2018
Notice regarding 74th Foundation DayNEW14/06/2018
Meeting of the BPL students (fee refund) for the session 2017-18NEW13/06/2018
Notice regarding morning section of. H.S. 1st year (Arts)NEW13/06/2018
Notice regarding morning section of. H.S. 1st year (Arts) & AttendanceNEW13/06/2018
Merit cum Reserve list B.Sc. 1st Semester 2018-19NEW12/06/2018
Admission Notice of B.A/B.Sc 3rd & 5th Semester (APL & BPL category)NEW08/06/2018
Notice for H.S. 2nd Year students\' guardiansNEW07/06/2018
Selection list for Admission of H.S. 1st Year (Science) 2018-19NEW06/06/2018
Notice regarding Class attendance of TDC 3rd & 5th semesterNEW06/06/2018
Selection list for Admission of H.S. 1st Year (ARTS) 2018-19NEW06/06/2018
HS 1st year and TDC 1st Sem class noticeNEW02/06/2018
CORRIGENDUM for direct for admission in BA 1st Semester NEW02/06/2018
BPL NoticeNEW01/06/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd year (Arts & Science) 1st Unit TestNEW24/05/2018
Admission Notice for the session 2018-19 NEW24/05/2018
Admission Notice for B.A./B.Sc. 3rd & 5th Semester for the session 2018-19 NEW19/05/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd year (Arts & Science) classesNEW17/05/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd Year Admission 2018NEW16/05/2018
Notice regarding form fillup 2nd & 4th semester M.A. (English) Examination, 2018 (under CBCS)NEW09/05/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation NEW08/05/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd Year Admission for the session 2018-19NEW05/05/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW28/04/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation NEW23/04/2018
Notice regarding BPL Students.NEW23/04/2018
Notice regarding issue of Admit CardNEW21/04/2018
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd Year classesNEW18/04/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW11/04/2018
Notice regarding 2nd sessional examination Department of Computer ScienceNEW04/04/2018
Notice regarding Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) CourseNEW04/04/2018
Advertisement of Assistant ProfessorNEW26/03/2018
Notice regarding Provisional AdmissionNEW26/03/2018
Programme Schedule of Kho-Kho Competition, 2018NEW24/03/2018
Advertisement for JRF under DBT Institutional Bio-tech Hub, DHSK College, DibrugarhNEW23/03/2018
General MeetingNEW22/03/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation NEW08/03/2018
Notice regarding Examination Form Fillup 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester, Session 2017-18NEW05/03/2018
Notice regarding B.A./B.Sc. 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester Examination, 2018 form fillupNEW03/03/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW27/02/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation NEW22/02/2018
Regarding purchase of Library bookNEW21/02/2018
Notice regarding 1st sessional examination, 2018 (Computer Skill) (Computer Science Department)NEW19/02/2018
Notice regarding briefing session for the Invigilators of HS Final Examination, 2018NEW19/02/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation NEW19/02/2018
Notice regarding Environmental science (H.S. 1st year Arts & Science)NEW17/02/2018
Advertisement of Assistant ProfessorNEW14/02/2018
Notice regarding Income TaxNEW13/02/2018
Routine for the classes of Environmental Studies for B.A./B.Sc. 4th SemesterNEW03/02/2018
Routine and allotment of rooms etc for 1st Sessional Test Examination 2018NEW02/02/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW29/01/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW25/01/2018
Notice regarding student excursionNEW25/01/2018
Notice regarding Student ExcursionNEW19/01/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation NEW19/01/2018
Notice regarding Income TaxNEW17/01/2018
H.S. 2nd year Practical Examination ROUTINE-2018NEW12/01/2018
Notice regarding holidayNEW11/01/2018
Notice regarding called for publication dept. of ZoologyNEW09/01/2018
Notice regarding N.I.Q.NEW09/01/2018
Notice regarding class cancellation NEW06/01/2018
Notice Regarding submission of data for preparation of Annual report of DHSK College, Dibrugarh.NEW04/01/2018
Notice regarding free bus service under \'Equity Initiative Scheme\' of RUSANEW03/01/2018
Notice regarding B.A./B.Sc. 2nd Sem. AdmissionNEW26/12/2017
Notice regarding holidayNEW22/12/2017
Registration form DHSK College Girls’ Hostel Alumni NEW05/12/2017
Notice Regarding SSC CoachingNEW30/11/2017
Winter Festival programme scheduleNEW29/11/2017
Selection of Tender for Bus Service of RUSANEW28/11/2017
Notice regarding holidayNEW23/11/2017
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd Year Examination Form Fill upNEW23/11/2017
Notice regarding SWAYAMNEW21/11/2017
ROUTINE (H.S. 2nd Year (Arts & Science) Pre-Final Examination, 2017)NEW18/11/2017
H.S. 2nd year (Arts & Science) Test Examination Committee, 2017NEW17/11/2017
Notice regarding HS 2nd year (Arts & Science) guardian meet NEW17/11/2017
Notice regarding Internship Programme NEW15/11/2017
Re-Short Notice Inviting Tender for \'Equity Initiative Project of RUSA\'NEW14/11/2017
Notice regarding H.S. 2nd Year Form fillupNEW14/11/2017
Notice regarding re-schedule of Practical Examination, 2017 (Zoology Core Paper G302)NEW14/11/2017
Result of 2nd Unit Test Exam., 2017 (H.S. 1st Year Science)NEW11/11/2017
Result of 2nd Unit Test Exam., 2017 (H.S. 1st Year Arts)NEW11/11/2017
Notice regarding preponement of B.Sc. 5th Semester Chemistry (General)-501 Examination, 2017NEW10/11/2017
Notice Regarding M.A. English 1st & 3rd Semester Examination Forms Fill up 2017. NEW10/11/2017
Notice Regarding H.S. classes cancelled of (Arts & Science).NEW09/11/2017
Result of 2nd Unit Test Exam., 2017 (H.S. 2nd Year Arts)NEW07/11/2017
Result of 2nd Unit Test Exam., 2017 (H.S. 2nd Year Science)NEW07/11/2017
Notice Regarding Students Registration for SWAYAMNEW06/11/2017
Notice ( N.I.Q )NEW06/11/2017
Notice regarding Non-geared two wheelers scheme.NEW03/11/2017
Notice regarding holidayNEW03/11/2017
Notice regarding Quiz CompetitionNEW03/11/2017
Notice regarding Quiz CompetitionNEW03/11/2017
Notice regarding Career Counselling ProgrammeNEW03/11/2017
Notice regarding H.S. classes (Arts & Science) cancellation NEW30/10/2017
Notice regarding regularly visit the official websitesNEW30/10/2017
Notice regarding \'Winter Fest\' (HS Section)NEW24/10/2017
Notice regarding class cancelled HS 1st year & 2nd yearNEW17/10/2017
Dr. L. P. Dutta memorial award commiteeNEW12/10/2017
HS 1st years & 2nd years (Arts & Sc) 2nd Unit Test Examination 2017NEW04/10/2017
One-day University Level WorkshopNEW04/10/2017
Routine for 2nd sessional examination, 2017 of 1st, 3rd & 5th semester, DHSK CollegeNEW26/09/2017
Appointment of Internal examinersNEW26/09/2017
Notice regarding holidays from 27/09/2017 to 02/10/2017 NEW25/09/2017
Notice regarding additional computer coursesNEW19/09/2017
Notice regarding H.S. 1st and 2nd year students (both Arts & Science)NEW19/09/2017
B.A./B.Sc. 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester Examination, 2017 PROGRAMMENEW19/09/2017
List of BPL Students for the session 2017-18 of DHSK College, DibrugarhNEW19/09/2017
Notice regarding examination form fillup 1st, 3rd & 5th semester session 2017-18NEW15/09/2017
Meeting of the HoDsNEW11/09/2017
DHSK College Students\' Union Society Election Result 2017-18 sessionNEW01/09/2017
Notice regarding student union society election, 2017-18 (modified) NEW31/08/2017
List of candidates and elected for student union society election 2017-18NEW28/08/2017
Notice regarding scrutiny report of the nomination paper for offering candidature in the DHSK college Students Union Society Election, 2017-18NEW26/08/2017
Notice regarding admission in M.A. (English) 3rd semester NEW22/08/2017
Notice regarding election to the Students\' Union Society NEW17/08/2017
Notice regarding class cancellation (only for students)NEW17/08/2017
Notice regarding Independence Day NEW14/08/2017
Notice regarding B.A./B.Sc. 3rd SemesterNEW14/08/2017
Notice regarding guardian meet H.S. 1st year (Arts & Science)NEW11/08/2017
Notice regarding election to the Students\' Union Society session 2017-18 NEW08/08/2017
Routine of the exam : 1st Sessional Department ZoologyNEW07/08/2017
Department of Mathematics: First in-semester non-major examination routine07/08/2017
Student Union Society Election Rules 2017-18NEW03/08/2017
Revised Class Routine to be followed from 03.08.2017 (Session : 2017-18)NEW02/08/2017
Notice regarding non-teaching staffNEW26/07/2017
Class Routine for 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester June, 2017 (Zoology)NEW24/07/2017
Admission Notice for M.A. 1st Semester (English) for the session 2017-18 NEW22/07/2017
Notice regarding guardian meet H.S. 2nd year (Arts & Science)NEW17/07/2017
Notice regarding guardian meet H.S. 2nd year (Arts & Science) NEW12/07/2017
Notice regarding issue of Identity Cards of H.S. 1st year (Arts & Sc.) and TDC 1st, 3rd & 5th SemNEW12/07/2017
Notice regarding Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University DHSK College Centre Courses offered for the academic session 2017-18NEW12/07/2017
Programme for 1st Sessional Examination 2017 (1st, 3rd & 5th Semester B.A./B.Sc.)NEW11/07/2017
Admission Notice M.A. in English 1st Semester 2017-18 NEW11/07/2017
H.S. Course Examination ScheduleNEW08/07/2017
Notice Regarding Medical and Engineering CoachingNEW08/07/2017
Notice regarding classes of H.S. 1st year and 2nd year both (Arts & Science)NEW17/06/2017
Advertisement of Assistant ProfessorNEW15/06/2017
Selection list for Admission of BSc. on 16 and 17 June 2017NEW14/06/2017
Selection list for Admission of HS 1st year Science 2017-18 NEW13/06/2017
Selection list for Admission of HS 1st year Arts 2017-18NEW13/06/2017
Notice Regarding Admission Fees for B.A./B.Sc. 1st Sem. 2017-18NEW12/06/2017
Admission notice BA 2017-18NEW11/06/2017
Notice Regarding B.A./B.Sc 3rd & 5th Semester ClassesNEW06/06/2017
Reschedule Admission Notice For BA, BSc. NEW06/06/2017
Notice Regarding B.A./B.Sc. 3rd Semester Admission 2017NEW05/06/2017
Notice Regarding H.S. 1st year (Arts & Science) Admissoin 2017-18NEW05/06/2017
H.S. 2nd Year (Science) Results, 2017NEW30/05/2017
H.S. 2nd Year (Arts) Results, 2017NEW30/05/2017
Admission Notice for H.S. 1st year (Arts & Science) and B.A./B.Sc. 1st Semester, 2017-18NEW29/05/2017
Notice regarding National SeminarNEW25/05/2017
Notice regarding One Day Workshop on Faculty DevelopmentNEW25/05/2017
Notice regarding BPL Admission for 2017-18NEW24/05/2017
Notice (HS 2nd Year Science)NEW16/05/2017
Notice (HS 2nd Year Arts & Science)NEW05/05/2017
Notice regarding HS 2nd year classNEW28/04/2017
Notice regarding B.A./B. Sc. 2nd sessional examinationNEW28/03/2017
Notice regarding late fine of form fill up 2nd, 4th and 6th semesterNEW17/03/2017
Notice regarding 1st sessional examination 2017 (Computer Science)NEW20/02/2017
Notice regarding class cancelled (HS 1st year Arts & Science stream)NEW18/02/2017
Notice regarding restriction of mobile phone usesNEW18/02/2017
Notice regarding class cancelled (Semester students)NEW18/02/2017
Routine of the 1st sessional exam, 2017NEW16/02/2017
Result analysis B.A./B.Sc. 1st, 3rd & 5th semester, 2017 session : wineetr (July 2016 to November 2016)NEW15/02/2017
Result B.A./B.Sc 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester, 2016NEW14/02/2017
Notice regarding Computation form for the FY 2016-17NEW13/02/2017
Notice regarding time table of Digital class roomNEW13/02/2017
Computation form for FY 2016-17NEW09/02/2017
Admission for 2017-18 sessionNEW09/02/2017
Notice NEW09/02/2017
Monitoring of Digital ClassroomNEW08/02/2017
Notice regarding BPL studentsNEW07/02/2017
Modified class routine for the academic session 2017 (w.e.f. 06.02.2017)NEW06/02/2017
Notice regarding inauguration of drinking water projectNEW21/01/2017
Notice regarding All India School Drawing competition on the topic\'Every Vote Counts\' as part of the National Voters Day celebration NEW10/01/2017
Notice regarding Career Counselling Seminar by ICAI, DelhiNEW06/01/2017
Class Routine Jan to June 2017 (Zoology)NEW30/12/2016
Teaching Plan Zoology (Major)NEW30/12/2016
Teaching Plan Zoology (Core)NEW30/12/2016
Notice regarding HS 1st and 2nd year Test ExaminationNEW26/12/2016
Notice regarding BPL studentsNEW14/12/2016
Notice regarding class cancelled NEW09/11/2016
Notice regarding class cancelledNEW02/11/2016
Notice regarding Guardian meet HS 2nd year (Arts & Science)NEW25/10/2016
Notice regarding Guardian meet HS 1st year (Arts & Science)NEW19/10/2016
Notice regarding Post-Matric Scholarship forms for Scheduled Caste, 2016-17NEW15/09/2016
Notice regarding restriction of mobile phone uses NEW12/09/2016
Notice (Students Union Election Election 2016-2017)NEW12/09/2016
Notice regarding students union election 2016-2017NEW12/09/2016
Notice regarding UniformNEW20/08/2016
Routine for 1st Sessional Examination, 2016 (1st, 3rd and 5th Semester)NEW13/08/2016
Notice for H.S. RegistrationNEW03/08/2016
PG in English Notice and Admission listNEW28/07/2016
Admission Notice PG in English 2016NEW22/07/2016
Notice (Teaching Staff meeting)NEW21/07/2016
Notice (Attendance)NEW21/07/2016
Notice NEW20/07/2016
2nd, 4th & 6th Semester Result, 2016 NEW14/07/2016
6th Semester Result, 2016NEW14/07/2016
Notice for Summer Vacation semester breakNEW30/06/2016
Notice for Girls\' StudentsNEW21/06/2016
Admission Notice BA 1st semester 2016NEW21/06/2016
Admission Notice BSc 1st semester 2016 NEW20/06/2016
HS 1st Year Science Admission, 2016 Selection List (Modified)NEW19/06/2016
H.S. 1st Year (Arts) Admission, 2016 Selection ListNEW18/06/2016
PG AdmissionsNEW16/06/2016
Admission Notice (Revised)14/06/2016
Notice: Department of MathematicsNEW08/06/2016
Admission Fees Structure for DHSK College Boys\\\\\\\' & Girls\\\\\\\' Hostel for the session 2016-1704/06/2016
Advertisement for Assistant Professor27/05/2016
Admission into H.S.1st Year (Arts & Sc.) and B.A./B.Sc.1st Semester have been scheduled as follows (Revised)25/05/2016
Routine for 4 th Semester Practical Examination: 2016NEW14/05/2016
Routine for 2nd Semester Practical Examination 2016NEW13/05/2016
Debate Elocution Rules Inter College Youth Festival, 201604/01/2016
Eligibility proforma for participants of Youth festival 201630/12/2015
Inter College Youth Festival, 2016 Dibrugarh University29/12/2015
List of Provisionally Selected Candidate for BSc Admission 201511/06/2015
DHSK Prospectus With Admission Form 2015-1630/05/2015
ADMISSION NOTICE B.A. / B.Sc. 1st Semester, 201529/05/2015
ADMISSION NOTICE H.S. 1st year Arts & Science, 2015-1629/05/2015
Result of the H.S. 1st year Examination 201506/05/2015
Release of Political Science Departmental Newsletter THE IDEAL25/04/2015
B.Sc. 4th Semester Core Practical Examination, 2017 commences from 09.06.2017 to 13.06.201730/11/-0001
B.Sc. 2nd Semester (Core) Chemistry Practical Examinations on 31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd of June, 201730/11/-0001
Sixth Semester Major Practical Examinations, 2017 on 15.06.17, 16.06.17, 17.06.17 and 18.06.1730/11/-0001
B.Sc. 4th Semester Major Practical Examination, 2017 on 04.06.2017 and 05.06.201730/11/-0001

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