DTP and Photoshop

Certificate Course in DTP and Photoshop(session 2021-22)
Approved by BCAMC meeting held on 11.06.2021

  1. Add-on-course for BCA Students ( The course will be imparted to the 3rd semester students).

Fees: Rs.2000/-

  1. This Course is also offered as a certificate course for other students.

Eligibility criteria: HSLC Passed

Fees:  Rs.3000/-

Examination Guidelines:

            Attendance: 70% or above will be treated as regular students.

  • End Semester Examination: 
  1. There will be two Theory Papers

      (i) Photoshop (TH-I) (Marks: 60)

(ii) PageMaker (TH-II) (Marks: 60)

  1. There will be two Practical Papers 

(i)  Photoshop (PR-I) (Marks: 50)

(ii) PageMaker (PR-II) (Marks: 50)

Students have to filled up examination form with requisite fees as notified.

  1. Internal assessment: Marks: 40

(i) There will be one in-semester examination (Marks 20).

(ii) Seminar Presentation/Assignments (Marks 10).

(iii) Attendance (Marks 10).

  1. Pass Mark in Theory and practical papers: 45.
  2. Grade System.
Marks (Between)Grade
  1. 45-55(Out of 100)
  1. 55-65(Out of 100)
  1. 65-75(Out of 100)
  1. 75-85(Out of 100)
  1. 85-95(Out of 100)
  1. Above 95(Out of 100)
  1. Certificate will be awarded by the college on successful completion of the course subject in the fulfilment of examination guidelines.

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Course Name: Certificate Course in DTP and Photoshop

Course Duration: 6 Months


Subject Title: Photoshop

Subject Code: Photoshop (TH-I)

Total Marks: 100

Objective: After having this course students will be able to know different aspects of photoshop and have skill in photoshop. It enhance the employability quality and motivate them for self engagement.

(40 for Internal Assessment & 60 for End Semester Examination)

Total Lecture hours: 30

Unit 1. Introduction: Lecture/Hours: (TH&D*) 5 hrs 10 Marks

The Photoshop Interface, setting up a new Photoshop document, saving a new document, the default Palettes, Working with Photoshop Palettes, the Photoshop Toolbox and Options bar, Using Guides and Ruler, Supported import in export image formats, Opening an Image in Photoshop, Creating Images in Photoshop, Saving images in Photoshop, Basic Image Editing, Changing image size, Cropping an Image, Changing Colour/Bit Depth, Optimizing Image using Save for Web, Working with Colour in Photoshop.

Unit 2. Photoshop Tools and Transforms: Lecture/Hours: (TH&D) *5 hrs 20 Marks

Parts of the Toolbox, Toolbox Shortcuts, Tool Options, Marquees, Magic wand Lassos, Move tool, Crop tool, Slice tools, pencil, paintbrush, Eraser tools, history brushes, clone tamp-pattern stamp, healing brush tool, retouch tool, Gradient, paint bucket, burn-dodge-sponge, blur-sharpen-smudge, shapes-line rectangle-polygon-custom shapes, path, selection tool, pen tool, type tools, notes tool-audio annotation, eyedropper-colour sampler-measure tool, hand-zoom, Quick mask-screen modes, jump to image ready, background and foreground

Using free tansform, move, rotate, scale, skew, distort, perspective, flip-vertical, horizontal, invert rotate 180°, rotate 90° CW, rotate 90° CCW

Unit 3. Photoshop layers and channels: lecture/Hours: (TH&D) *5hrs 10 Marks

About layers-fill and adjustment layers, the layer palette, naming layers, creating layers, deleting layers, viewing layers, moving layers, layer opacity, locking layers, merging layers, layer modes and blending options, image composting using layers.About channels, channel palette, creating and viewing channels, modifying channels, deleting channels, alpha channels and masks.


Unit 4. Photo enhancement and colour correction: Lecture/Hours: (TH&D) *5hrs 10 Marks

Changing levels, changing curves, colour balance, changing brightness and contrast, changing hue saturation and brightness, changing a grayscale image to a coloured image. Histogram, gradient map, desaturate, invert, colour replace, selective colour, equalize, threshold, channel mixer, posterize, changing background using layer composting

Unit 5. Text editing in Photoshop: lecture/hours: (TH&D) *5hrs 10 Marks

About the type layer, creating vertical and horizontal types, Point and paragraph text creation, using horizontal and vertical type mask tools, using character palette for text editing, choosing a font, changing the type colour, choosing a type size, specifying kerning and tracking, using fractional character widths, specifying baseline shift, applying underline and strikethrough, Text alignment and justification, specifying anti-aliasing, creating text warp, rasterizing type, converting type to shapes adding effect to text.

*Theory cum demonstration classes (TH&D).

Recommended Books:

  1. Photoshop in Easy steps 1st edition (Paperback), Robert Shuffle botham, Tata MC Graw-Hill Publication.
  2. Photoshop CC by Elaine Weinmann


Subject Title: Practical on Photoshop

Subject Code: Photoshop (PR-I)

Total Marks: 50

  • Photoshop Tools and Transform 10 Hrs (15 Marks)
  • Photoshop Layers and Channels 10 Hrs (15 Marks)
  • Practical Notebook (10 Marks)
  • Viva (10 Marks)


Subject Title: DTP

Subject Code: PageMaker (TH-II)

Total Marks: 100

Objective: After having this course students will have skill in DTP, can prepare book, newsletter etc. It will add quality of skill of the students, thereby enhance their employability.

(40 for internal assessment & 60 for End semester examination)

Unit 1. Introduction to PageMaker: Lecture/ Hours: (TH&D) * 10hrs   20 Marks

Creating and opening publication, using the toolbox, working with palettes, text and graphics, starting a publication from the template, saving and closing the publication, positioning ruler guides, typing text, formatting, rotating and moving of text block and graphics, placing text file, setting tab.

Unit 2. Indentation, Paging: Lecture/Hours: (TH&D) * 10 hrs   20 Marks

Indents, leaders copying graphics between publication, positioning and resizing the logo, constructing a publication, setting up pages, changing documents setup, using master pages, choosing a measurement system and setting up rulers, adjusting layout, numbering pages, rearranging pages, creating running headers & footers, importing text, threading text blocks.

Unit 3. Layers, Graphics, Colours and Publication: Lecture/Hours: (TH&D) *10 hrs   20 Marks

Leading frames layers, locking, objects wrapping text around graphics, cropping a graphics, using libraries assembling publication into a book, creating table of contents, applying colour, edit colour, creating custom colours, colour libraries, table editor, OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), PDF HTML formats.

*Theory cum Demonstration Classes (TH&D).

Recommended Books:

  • Learning PageMaker 7, Ramesh Bangla by Khanna Books.


Subjects Title: Practical on PageMaker

Subject Code: PageMaker (PR-II)

Total Marks: 50

  • PageMaker Tools and Transforms 10hrs (15 Marks)
  • PageMaker Layers and Channels 10hrs (15 Marks)
  • Practical Notebook (10 Marks)
  • Viva (10 Marks)
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