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About ICGC

The Information and Documentation Centre of the DHSK College was established in 1991 under the initiative of retired Principal (i/c) Dr. Atikuddin Ahmed with sincere support from the then Principal Late Prof. Dimbeswar Chaliha. It was later renamed as the Information and Career Guidance Cell in 2010 and subsequently came to known as the Information and Career Guidance Centre (ICGC). The main aim of the Centre is to raise awareness among the students regarding multiple career options and to enable them to make the right career choice. To meet this aim the college has equipped the ICGC with latest books on Career exploration, magazines and journals. The ICGC has a wide range of books on various competitive examinations, skill development, entrepreneurship etc. besides facilities for computer typing, printing and internet surfing. The Centre takes utmost care in disseminating career related information/opportunities not only to its existing students but also to the passed out ones. During semester breaks the Centre organizes coaching classes for various competitive examinations. It also organizes career related seminars, workshops, personality development and other related programs with an aim to bring an overall development among the students.


ICGC Management Committee:

Dr. Bhaskar Das (Co-ordinator)

Dr. Pallavi Gogoi (Assistant Co-ordinator)

Ms. Mondita Chetia (Assistant Co-ordinator)


ICGC Advisory Committee:  

Dr. Sashikanta Saikia (Principal & Chairperson)

Dr. Priyadev Goswami (Vice-Principal)

Dr. Ananta Kumar Dutta (Academic Co-ordinator)

Dr. Mridul Sarma (IQAC Co-ordinator)

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