Vision and Mission


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    The College effectively execute teaching plan to inculcate value education for upgrading skill and attitude of the learners.

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    The College has a gender friendly ambience.

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    The College aims to generate internal resource and its mobilization to ensure sustainable development


ज्ञानात् परतरं नहि (Nothing Better than Knowledge)

To become a Centre of value based quality education for comprehensive development of human resources. To provide education with limited resources focussing towards excellence of the facilities having focus on betterment the teaching-learning experience and creation of competent human resource to serve the changing world.


To providing a holistic education for inculcating moral, cultural and socio-economic values and for becoming responsible citizens of the country, is the core value of the mission of the College. The mission of the College is Cultivation of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude in every individual through a Curriculum Receptive to the moral, cultural, socio-economic and ethnic diversity. The College encourages a sense of belonging and ownership among all the stakeholders.

The objectives of the College are:

  • To contribute towards Nation Building
  • To enable learners to equip with competitive environment.
  • To ensure sustainable development.
  • To foster value based education to upgrade learners’ skill and attitude.
  • To create a gender friendly ambience in the college.
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