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Dr. Priya Dev Goswami

Dear students, at present we are living in knowledge based society. Unlike to earlier two civilizations based on agriculture and industries, present world is powered by knowledge. It is determined by consumption of energy and flow of electron transferring data. It is indeed very much important to impart education to the students to the needs and requirement of the present day society. Students can choose the field of study according to their interest and skill. The aim of higher education is to inculcate inherent talent of youths to be bloomed so that they get the knowledge of the subject. After having basics of the subject she/he can contribute new idea and knowledge to the subject. Such thing enriches the society as well as the mankind. During this period of life, innovative idea come to the mind of many students and college is the right place to make it into a reality. Most importantly education makes the students perfect human being, sensitive to all aspects of human life. DHSK College is also committed to provide good quality and relevant education to the aspiring youths of this region of the country. Students should utilise all the facilities available in the campus for enhancement of all kinds of their talent. Work hard, success is yours.

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Associate Professor
  • Department : Mathematics
  • Qualification : M.SC., PH.D.
  • Date of Joining : 01-Apr-1988
  • : 9435473872
Profile of Dr Priya Dev Goswami Name: DR PRIYA DEV GOSWAMI Department of Mathematics, DHSK College Address: DHSK College, P.O. Dibrugarh-786001. Assam Designation: Associate Professor & Vice-Principal Date of joining: 01.04.1988 Phone: 9435473872, email: [email protected] Teaching experience: 31 years. A. M.Sc. in Mathematics, Dibrugarh University: 1987 B. Research experience: a. Ph.D. Degree, 1996, Dibrugarh University. Title of the thesis: Numerical solution of some heat transfer problems in fluid mechanics. b. Minor research projects: 1. Studies on the effect of variable viscosity on flow and heat transfer to certain flow problems in Newtonian fluid. Sponsored by UGC, submitted on 18.05.2001. 2. Studies on unsteady MHD fluid flow and heat transfer to certain flow problems in Newtonian fluid. Sponsored by UGC, submitted on 30.12.2008. C. Research papers published: 1. Heat transfer of a stretching surface in a rotating fluid with suction and blowing. Proceeding, 36th Congress of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, p55, 1991, IIT-Bombay. 2. Unsteady fluid flow due to a stretching cylinder. J. Assam Sci Soc. 34(4) ,p27-32, 1992. 3. Non-Newtonian MHD fluid flow past a stretching sheet in a porous medium with suction and blowing. J. Assam Sci Soc. 35(1) , p1-8, 1993. 4. Heat transfer in a non-Newtonian MHD fluid over a stretching sheet in a porous medium. J. Assam Sci Soc. 37(3) , p169-176, 1995. 5. The effect of variable viscosity on MFD flow and heat transfer for a continuous moving flat plate. Applied Science Periodicals, Vol. III, No. 2, May 2001. 6. Effect of variable viscosity on hydromagnetic flow and heat transfer about a fluid underlying the axisymmetric spreading surface. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences. Vol . 20, E. No.2, 2001, p361-366. 7. MHD viscous incompressible rotating flow and heat transfer over a moving surface. ACTA Ciencia Indica, Vol. XXXVI M No.4, p527, 2010, Meerut. 8. Unsteady MHD laminar convective fluid flow due to a porous disk with variable properties and Hall effect. Chintan Bikshan, Vol.V, 2010-11, p16-28. J. of Assam College Teachers’ Association, Dibrugarh Zone. 9. Computer literacy of college faculty members: A case study. Chirantan Chintan, 2013, Vol.II,No. 2 , ISSN 2278-4756, p5-10. 10. Analysis of some results on fuzzy connected space and local connectedness. Global Journal for Research Analysis, Vol.5, Issue 3, March-2016-ISSN No.2277-8160.(IF3.62) 11. Phone addiction : Its effect and impact on college students- A case study. International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review. Vol. 1, Issue 29, Nov 2016, p61-67. 12. Status of science communication through news papers of Assam: A case study. Waak (The word) Dec. 2018, ISSN 2347-6508, Vol.VIII, p 45-52. D. Certificate courses: 1. Two months computer course (certificate), Dibrugarh University, 1989. 2. Six months certificate course on computer programming. Dibrugarh University, 1992. E. Courses and seminars attended: 1. Orientation course, Gauhati University, 1988. 2. Attended and presented paper in national seminar, IIT-Bombay, 1991. 3. Summer institute in Mathematics , Dibrugarh University, 1994. 4. Refresher course, Dibrugarh University, 1994. 5. Workshop on ‘Physics of Stars’, TU-IUCCA, Tezpur University, 1998. 6. Refresher course, Gauhati University, 1998. 7. Orientation course for resource persons in Mathematics, Board of Secondary Education, Assam, 1999. 8. Turn of the Millennium lectures in Mathematics, IIT-Guwahati , 1999. 9. Refresher course, Tezpur University, 2001. 10. Faculty development programme in Entrepreneurship, IIE, Guwahati, 2004. 11. Regional seminar on Mathematics, Dibrugarh University, 2005. 12. Training programme on theoretical and numerical aspects of ordinary differential equations. IIT-Guwahati.2005. 13. Workshop on some recent trends in application of Mathematics, Dibrugarh University, 2006. 14. Workshop on Mathematics and computer science, Duliajan college, 2007. 15. Workshop on Mathematical programming and related topics on optimization methods , application and practices. ISI- Kolkata & Dibrugarh University, 2007. 16. National seminar on Mathematical modeling, Dibrugarh University, 2009. 17. Attended 96th Indian Science congress, NEHU, Shillong, 2009. 18. Workshop on Mathematical laboratory, Dibrugarh University, 2009. 19. Attended and presented research paper in 98th Indian Science congress, Chennai, 2011. 20. Symposium on Teaching, Learning and Examination reforms: A critique in the contemporary context. DHSK College, 2012. 21. Attended 100th Indian Science congress, Calcutta University, Kolkata, 2013. 22. Workshop in mathematics: Tezpur University, 12-18 Dec, 2014. 23. 7 days workshop on development of self learning materials, Dibrugarh University, 2015. 24. Participated in International multidisciplinary research conference on biodiversity, climate change, physical and life sciences.DHSK College, 21-22 January, 2019. 25. Participated in National seminar on Academic and Administraion Audit. DHSK College, 1-2 February, 2019 26. One week short term course on Linear algebra and its application in engineering sciences (LAAES 2019), Dibrugarh University (DUIET), 12-16 August,2019. F. Books: 1. Comprehensive Mathematics, (for class XI), K M Publication, Guwahati, 2005. 2. Elementary Matlab, Kaustubh Prakashan , Dibrugarh, 2012.ISBN -13:978-93-82283-23-2. 3. Ganit Sabda Sambhar, Kaustubh Prakashan , Dibrugarh, 2015 .ISBN:978-93-82283-42-3. G. Guided two M.Phil Scholars. H. Acted as Vice-Chancellor’s nominee and subject expert for selection of teacher appointment and promotion in several colleges. I. Examination related works done for: (a) Dibrugarh University (b) Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU), Guwahati (c) Rabindranath Tagore University, Hojai (d) North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous) (e) Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC), Guwahati. J. President , SMDC, Nimali Girls’ high school (Since 2016). K. Coordinator: IQAC, DHSK College, August 2015- January 2018. L. Coordinator: KKHSOU ,DHSK College study centre (Since April-2017). M. Best teacher award, 2016, Govt. of Assam. N. Resource person of ASTEC, Govt. of Assam.

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