Admission Procedure

      1. Advertisement for admission in to different Courses will be published in the college website as well as newspapers in Assam.
      2. Application Forms & Prospectus can be downloaded directly from the College
      3. An applicant willing to apply for more than one CORE subject in the undergraduate (B. A., B. Sc.) course, must apply using the options available in choosing the next CORE subjects.
      4. Filled in Application Forms are to be submitted online by visiting the College website.
      5. The list of selected applicants for admission will be uploaded in the college website in due course.
      6. The selected applicants will have to complete the admission procedure by paying the admission fees in the ONLINE MODE only in the dates and time fixed by the college. If anyone fails to fulfil the process, the selection will be cancelled and no claim will be entertained.
      7. Self-attested copies of mark sheet and pass certificate of the last qualifying examination wherever applicable are to be submitted at the time of interview/admission if the ADMISSION IS OFFLINE.
      1. A candidate will be admitted provisionally subject to production of original documents at the stipulated time notified by the college authority after commencement of classes, if the ADMISSION IS ONLINE.
      2. A candidate seeking admission under the reserved quota (Cast, Sports, NCC etc.) must submit a self-attested copy of the relevant certificate in support of his / her claim at the time of interview/admission.
      3. Original Documents required for verification:
        1. Admit card of H.S.L.C./ H.S.S.L.C./ B. A./ B. Sc. or equivalent examinations.
        2. Mark sheets of H.S.L.C./H.S.S.L.C./ B. A./ B. Sc. or equivalent examinations.
        3. Pass Certificates of H.S.L.C./H.S.S.L.C./ B. A./ B. Sc. or equivalent examinations.
        4. Other relevant Certificate (Caste, Sports, NCC etc.) if applicable.
      4. Candidates having Gap Period must submit an affidavit for the gap period (on stipulated time frame to be notified by the college authority). However, any student having passed the qualifying examination more than two year earlier shall not be considered for admission.
      5. Admission will take place on the notified date/time only. The web link will be closed after the stipulated time period.
      6. The actual fee for admission will be fixed as per government directive(s) and it will be notified in the college website in due course.
      7. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, ONLINE classes will be conducted and it is mandatory for every applicant to have his/her OWN Phone Number, OWN e-mail ID and a suitable device. (In no case, parents’ Phone number and e-mail ID(s) will be applicable.).
      8. Applicants seeking Hostel (Boys’ & Girls’) accommodation have to apply separately for Hostel admission and if selected, can take Hostel Admission on the date of admission.
      9. Furnishing any kind of false documents shall invite legal action.


Eligibility Criteria:  Minimum eligibility in to UG Programmes shall be as follows:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): A student passed the HS Examination (10+2) of the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, or an equivalent examination (10+2) recognized as such by the University.

For admission into the BA in Economics Honours, a candidate should have preferably passed the HS Examination (10+2) of the AHSEC or an equivalent examination with passing Mathematics as a subject.

Important Note: In case a student of Economics Honours, have not pursued and passed Mathematics in the HS level; he/ she shall have to opt an Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course of Mathematics of 2 credits.

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.): A student passed the HS Examination (10+2) in Science stream of the AHSEC, or an equivalent examination (10+2) recognized as such by the University.

Important Note:  For admission into the B.Sc. in Chemistry and Physics Honours, a candidate must pass the HS Examination (10+2) in Science stream of the AHSEC or an equivalent examination with passing Mathematics as a subject.

  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA): A candidate who passes the 10+2 examination or any equivalent qualifying examination as recognised by the government with pass marks in Mathematics can apply for the course.

A Candidate passing the TDC examination with a minimum of 60% marks in relevant subject can apply for admission into the courses.

Eligibility Criteria: A candidate must have passed the 10th class examination from a recognised board/ council.

Statutory reservation policy of the government shall be followed in case of selection of eligible candidates for admission.

After admission (VERY IMPORTANT)

  1. Every student shall download the Application notified by the office from App Store and register himself/herself using the same Phone number and e-mail as provided in the APPLICATION FORM, so as to be accessible to the ONLINE Classes.
  2. Every student must routinely submit the report of attending classes (Online/Offline) and other activities related to the teaching and learning process through online DIARY provided to them.
  3. Every student must submit a feedback on teacher(s), facilities and other relevant activities through online App. provided to them.
  4. Every student must obey the HEALTH PROTOCOL issued by the Government.

Attendance Rules

  • Every student is required to attend all classes (lectures /tutorials /practical).
  • A student must have 75% attendance to be eligible as a regular candidate to appear in the H. S. Final examinations.
  • A student who attends 60% of the classes shall however be allowed to appear in the examination as non collegiate candidate on payment of a prescribed non-collegiate fee. No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the H.S. examination with attendance below 60% in theory classes.
  • A student must attend all practical classes and perform all experiments as required under the regulations of the AHSEC.
  • A student who attends less than 80% of the classes shall not be allowed to appear in the election of the Students’ Union.

Identity Card

An Identity Card will be issued to each student by the college. In the event of loss or damage of a card, a duplicate one will be issued from the office of the Principal on payment of Rs. 500.00 (Five hundred) only for the same. Students must display their Identity Cards on their person in the college campus.

Regulation and Guidelines (General code of conduct)

1. Students shall be responsible for their conducts in the college and are prohibited from doing anything (either inside or outside the campus), that will amount to a breach of discipline, or cause of interference in the discipline and normal functioning of the college.
  1. Students shall take proper care of the furniture, equipments, premises and all properties.
  2. Ragging in any form in the college is strictly prohibited and any student found indulging in such activity shall invite disciplinary and legal action.
  3. The students must abide by all rules and regulations as prescribed by the College Authority.
  4. All kinds of toxicants are strictly prohibited inside the college campus.
  5. Punitive measure will be initiated against a student of the college if he/she uses the platform of social media to abuse/ scold/front students/ faculty members/others and he/she will face Legal Action.
  6. A student having two-wheeler must have Driving License. They will not be allowed to enter the College Campus without Helmet and relevant documents of their vehicle.
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