Perspective Plans

The prime vision of the college is to make it into a leading college that will mark its
excellence. Some of the objectives of this institution are –

1. Improvement of the classrooms with all the modern facilities.
2. Establishment of a Botanical Garden.
3. Introduction of different computer courses
4. Development of friendly relationship with nearby colleges and institutions in
Academic, Cultural and Sports activities.
5. Establishment of a Museum.
6. Initiation of PG programmes.
7. Introduction of different Skill oriented certificate courses.
8. Establishment of an Indoor Stadium.
9. Establishment of an Open Air Theatre.
10. Foundation of a Green House.
11. Construction of a new Library Building.
12. Creation of a gender friendly environment.
13. Creation of awareness in Environment issues.
14. Initiation of various courses as suggested by NEP.
15. Construction of a new Hostel for Girl Students.
16. Establishment of a Gymnasium.

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