NIRF Report

What is NIRF?

The NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) report is an initiative by the Government of India to rank higher educational institutions in the country based on various parameters and criteria. The NIRF was launched by the Ministry of Education (formerly known as the Ministry of Human Resource Development) in 2015 with the aim of promoting excellence in higher education and providing valuable information to students, parents, and other stakeholders about the quality of educational institutions in India.

The NIRF rankings are based on a set of objective criteria that include teaching, learning, and resources; research and professional practices; graduation outcomes; outreach and inclusivity; and perception. These criteria are used to assess and rank institutions across various disciplines, including engineering, management, pharmacy, universities, colleges, and overall institutions.

The rankings provide insights into the performance and quality of educational institutions, helping students make informed decisions about their choice of colleges or universities for higher education. Additionally, the rankings serve as a tool for institutions to identify areas for improvement and enhance their overall quality and competitiveness in the higher education landscape.

NIRF Report

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