Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome Strategy

  • DHSK College clearly explains the aims and objectives of the Institute in becoming a well-educated human resource. These aims and objectives have been the basics for defining the objectives of every program adopted by the College.
  • Program Outcomes for all academic programs offered by the College are clearly stated, displayed in the Syllabi of each course and uploaded on the college website annually as Prospectus and communicated to teachers and students.
  • The Program Education Objectives have been categorized into three sections viz. Academic Ethics, Social Responsibilities and Moral Values.
  • Integrating different stakeholders of the systems, the competencies and the performance Indicators for each of the Program Education Objectives are also defined which in turn lead to the design of comprehensive course level competencies and performance indicators.
  • The objectives and expected outcomes of each are imparted to the students on admission during counselling. Students are also provided the course outcomes with the detailed syllabus in each course
  • The assessment strategy is also stated in the Annual Prospectus as the affiliating university defines.

Note : Every department clearly state the departmental programme outcome (department > programme outcome).

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